Thrive’s Lily Ball

This year we were thrilled to help Thrive (which is a fantastic organization We must say) generate some funds for just about everything.  It was a beautiful setting and we are amazed by the support that come from our Bozeman community.  We hope to see you there next year!!

YMCA Snowball

Finally this year it was not absolutely freezing for the Snowball. The crowd was large and lively and the kids were the star of the show.  They were during LAPS through the photo booth. Exactly what we love!

CJMS Spirit Night

Thank you CJMS for allowing us to help you break those awkward Middle School barriers.  Nothing brings kids together faster than a Photo Booth! Always our best customers!!

SMS Spirit Night

Did I mentioned we love trolling our local Schools?  SMS invites us back year after year! Yay!  This time we were helping a few girls earn money to travel with their 8th grade class to Washington D.C.!  PS: They had the best time ever!!

Locati Architects Holiday Party

OK, we all know that architects are introverts. We know, we have one in the family.  Locati just might trash that stereotype, or at least they wear many faces!  Damn good time with bunch of crazy, talented folks. Cheers!