Julianne and Andrew

We lived at Chico Hot Springs last summer doing weddings and it was great to be back!

Julianne and Andrew threw a proper Montana wedding full of Karaoke, non-stop dancing and some of the most polite wedding-goers out there.

We have always said that Butte knows how to party, and keep their dignity! Best to Julianne and Andrew!

SMS: 8th Graders No Longer….

Moving on up….

Congrats! This is an amazing group of kids who danced their hiney’s off, ate none of the food provided and filled the room with odors that only a bunch of sweaty 14 year-olds can do! A fantastic send-off.  Pressure is on for the next year’s 8th graders!

D.A. Davidson sends off a Friend…

Good Luck Jamie!  She is off to warmer locales…

Headwaters Graduation 2014

Do we weep for our future?  Heck, NO! These kids are going to make it GREAT!

Dr. Chisdak Throws a Party

Congratulations Dr. Chisdak on 10 wonderfully successful years here in the Gallatin Valley.  His office not only provides the best oral surgery in town, but they also throw a mean party!  Need your kids wisdom teeth removed? Why wouldn’t you go here? Look at these fabulous people!